Twilight Zone mods

As of March 6, 2012, I no longer have the time to make and sell these TZ and TAF mods.  




Twilight Zone Slot Machine -  The favorite TZ mod.  No light to hook up and the reels spin as the ball passes through the wireform ramp. 

The Television and the Skull both light up when placed over a flasher bulb.  Take off flasher bulb cover and place skull or television over the bulb and your done, (just remember to remove them before you lift up your playfield since they are not attached to anything).

The Gramophone is painted to resemble the one on the backglass and it sits near the shooters lane, attached with velcro.  (Sorry, it does not play any tunes)

Maple Street Lamp -  does not light up, just place it between the rubbers and  the   tension holds it in place.

The Rolling Quarter is a 1964 U.S. Silver Quarter like the one on the backglass.    The bracket is easily made and you can purchase a 1964 Quarter off ebay.   Tom Wibble was the originator of the Quarter mod. 

The Plane is modeled after a plain silver DC 3 (I believe) from that era.  It does not have any lights on it, the blue is from the pop bumper light.  Looks pretty nice hovering over the pop bumpers.  I had a couple powdercoated silver but decided not to pursue selling the mod.

The Pyramid is actually the top of a jewelry box that I bought off ebay about 4 years ago.  Again, another mod I didn't sell, but I have one on my game.

 Lastly,  about 3 years ago I made 10 Key of Imagination mods and sold them all.  Below is a terrible picture but the mod is placed over the shooters lane.  The key is bright chrome with the letters "Imagination".  Do you get it, you unlock this door with the key of imagination.

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